Lot d'estampes

Lot d'estampes - 86 eaux fortes signées



Lot n° 13
La Foire de Gondreville (Lieure 561)
Etching, 1625, on laid, the second state (of four), with watermark Double C with Cross of Lorraine (L29); together with 'Les Bohemiens' (L374-77), the complete set of four, on laid, the second, final state; ten plates from 'Les Caprices' (L222,223,240,429,442,443,449,450,455,470), plus 13 copies in reverse; 20 plates from 'Balli de Sfessania' (L353,379-82,384-86,388,389,391-96,398,399,401), copies in reverse; 'Vue du Pont Neuf' (L668), a later impression; 23 plates by Frederick de Wit after Callot 'Varie Conversationes'; four etchings by Stefano della Bella 'Divers Paysages' (V761), 'Marine Views' (V815), 'Recueil diverses pièces' (V220) 'Divers embarquements' (V805), copy in reverse, plus five etchings by Israel Silvestre after Callot and five by other artists (86)(unframed)