Plage du Tréport

Plage du Tréport - Deux huiles sur toile signées

Lot n° 3
Chaque 27,3cmx36,4cm

Born Louis Assez Noël, Jules Noël was a highly regarded French landscape and maritime painter who worked mostly in Normandy and Brittany. He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1840 to 1879, and served as a Professor of Design at the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV. His canvases, including his numerous views of the beaches and beachgoers at Treport, and often his views of a seaside town's boats, quays, port and cliffs, are amongst his most beloved and successful efforts within his vast oeuvre. 
Noël's oils, often thinned like watercolor, have been compared to the paintings of his fellow Frenchman Eugène Isabey – though the latter's keen interest in shipwrecks was not a favored subject of Noël. The artist's charming and joyous Normandy beach scenes, like the present pair of paintings, are rendered in bright hues with a slight Impressionist touch, the slightly overcast blue skies coupled with gentle breeze, as represented by the flags blowing at center right.