Portrait de Giovanni Domenico Peri

Portrait de Giovanni Domenico Peri - eau forte signée



Lot n° 160
Lieure 305   Meaume 433
First edition, first and only state.  . Also known as "Le Jardinier," or The Gardener, this is a portrait of Giovanni Domenico Peri, the Italian farmer-poet. It shows him at three-quarters profile, facing slightly to the right, and bare-headed. The bust is surrounded by an oval frame topped with a laurel wreath and sitting on a rectangular base. On either side is a cow and agricultural tools above, while at the bottom there is an inkpot emerging from the center of a wagon wheel, with a violin and trumpet on the left, each of these adornments highlighting an aspect of his dual nature as both farmer and man of letters. This portrait is often found after the frontispiece of Peri's poem "Fiesole distrutta." "Giovanni Domenico Peri (c. 1590-1666) is an interesting figure who has not yet been adequately studied. According to seventeenth-century biographical sources, he received a humanist education and at first devoted himself to the arts. He also appears briefly in mid-century as director of a printing and publishing enterprise which produced sixteen titles between 1648 and 1650. This enterprise was financed by Anton Giulio Brignole Sale (1605-1665), a leading Genoese politician and intellectual, but came to an abrupt end in 1650 when Brignole Sale decided to become a Jesuit. The editions were signed with the usual formula: 'Sotto la cura/direzione di Gio. Domenico Peri,' which suggests that Peri's functions in this organization were more managerial than technical. His claim to fame rests on a work on business practices, 'Il negotiante,' of which the first volume appeared in Genoa in 1639 and the second in 1647" (Fahy, "Paper Making in Seventeenth-Century Genoa: The Account of Giovanni Domenico Peri").