Antoine SONREL

Antoine SONREL

? - 1879


Antoine SONREL

Actif à Nancy au milieu du XIXème siècle. Il a travaillé en Suisse à Neuchatel puis est parti aux Etats Unis vers 1840 et s'installe à Boston.

Il a illustré de nombreux ouvrages de lithographies puis il se tourna vers la photographie.


In 1833 Sonrel joined the naturalist's Louis Agassiz artistic and scientific colony in Neufchatel, Switzerland as part of the team of artists who illustrated Agassiz's findings. He was producing exquisite and highly detailed lithographs. In 1848 he followed Agassiz to Cambridge, opening his own firm in 1850. He also made drawings of insects which were engraved for A Treatise on Some of the Insects Injurious to Vegetation (Boston, 1862). In the 1860's he gave up lithography in order to become a photographer.

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