Un Autre Monde

Un Autre Monde - Affiche lithographiée signée

Lot n° 312
This tennis game is indeed "Un Autre Monde." J.J. Grandville was famous as a caricaturist and satirist in early 19th-century France. He illustrated La Fontaine, Don Quixote, Gulliver's Travels, and Robinson Crusoe. At the end of his life, he created Un Autre Monde, which approaches the status of pure surrealism – 75 years ahead of its time. Both André Breton and Georges Bataille recognized Un Autre World's weirdness as a precursor to their own movement. This is the poster advertising it.

Condition: A-/ Horizontal fold.
Printer: Imp. de Lemercier
Reference: Ref: DFP-II, 394; Reims, 70

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