Diana and the Hunter

Diana and the Hunter - Eau forte signée



Lot n° 6


(Griffiths & Hartley 38) 
Etching and engraving, the second state (of three), on laid paper, with watermark Bunch of Grapes, trimmed to the lower borderline, with 10mm margins on the other three sides, the lower left corner made-up, some horizontal folds 

Sheet 478 x 232mm. (unframed)


  •  The Latin inscription makes a comparison between the hunter carrying Diana and Zeus abducting Europa. The hunter is believed to be Orion, with hunting nets draped over his arm, who pursued Diana and she accidentally killed him with an arrow. The arrow surmounted with Diana's symbol, the crescent moon, is directed towards the hunter's heart; whether it is an arrow of love or death is debatable.